Saturday, May 7, 2011

What happened.

Alright so I was making my way to Kentucky, simply because I'm still on the run, but I just can't help but try to stay close to Illinois, just in case "he" reaches my family. So I hitched a couple rides to get there, but the last ride I took, I fell asleep. Turns out, the guy I hitch hiked off of was a fucking proxy. Instead of waking up in the truck he drove me in, I woke up in some kind of run down suburban home, tied up in a single chair, in the middle of a dark room, with a single light bulb hanging above me. Yeah, I thought I was in some kind of cliche' interrogation room you'd see in some cop film. There was about two guys in front of me, not saying anything, and one guy guarding the door behind them. One of the two in front was the fucker who brought me here. The other one? Guess what, it was the same fucker who's face I messed up. He was wearing some kind of tribal mask or something. Not the Hawaiian kind, but more towards the Native American kind. How did I escape? The guy guarding the door actually snuck up behind the two and wacked them both in the head with my bat. I asked the dude why he did that, so the conversation went somewhere along the lines of this:

C: There's no time for this, he is approaching, just run out the door as fast as you can. You'll see me again soon, I know you will.
A: Thanks. Do you have a name?
C: Caroline.
(At this point, that just added more shock, as I thought "she" was a "he")
A: Where should I go?
C: You're already in Kentucky, close to the border of Indiana actually, just head to left once your outside, take a right and you should be somewhere safe, a place with friends. Now just go!

I followed her instructions and eventually, I was out. I reached the point she told me to go to, but when I was there, there was a white van with what seemed to be runners waving their hands back saying "C'mon! Let's go! Hurry!".

But he was right behind them. They didn't notice. I stepped back, shaking. I tried to warn them but my throat couldn't cough up any words. That's when I blacked out, waking up about 10 feet from a burning white van.

There were no bodies.

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