Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hey guys! Guess what? Shit's happened.

Saw "Him", ran, pissed my pants for a bit, stayed home for like a week or two to get prepared, ran, pussied out, ran back home, yelled at by worried parents, made weapons, packed up again, and now I'm on the run.

This is pretty much what's happened this past month. I thought it was all fake. It was all one big fucking ARG. I was wrong. Fuck this. Only 13, I don't get why this is happening to me. Fuck me. Before anyone even complains about language, this is how ALL 13 year olds act. We know about sex, drugs, and curse words and shit. So what? Wanna wash my fucking tongue out with soap? F-Bombs are just one way for me to vent, okay? Anyways, I'm on the run. Haven't seen the damn thing since I started running, but I did find the fuckers who suck his cock. Ever play Assassin's Creed? You know the hidden blade? I looked up some tutorials on YouTube, and I decided to make one of my own. I also made weapons I thought I would only think to make if I was in some undead apocalypse. Medium-ranged stick (about the size of my legs or so, also, no innuendo intended), with a kitchen knife duc-taped onto it. I also brought a bat. So if you see a kid wandering around Chicago with a messanger bag, a knife-staff hybrid, and a red hoodie, that's me. Planning on staying at my uncle's place tonight.
Wish me luck.


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